Get Involved

If you feel inspired by our vision and our work, there are many ways that you could get involved to help us.


Contact us if you can offer your time to mentor a young person, help build a shelter or assist with one of our other programmes.


Are you able to provide building material, food or books? We would love to hear from you.


If you feel able to help us financially then we can receive funds in Kenya or internationally. Click for details.

For Example

  • Education
    • High School Fees: £700 per year (boarding school)
    • University / College: £900 per year
    • Vocational training: £400 (full course)
  • Shelter
    • 3-room house: £1,200
  • Business Start-up & Empowerment
    • Range from £135 – £335
  • School Feeding Programme
    • £10 per child per month
  • Mentorship and Coaching
    • 3-day training camp for youths: £8 per person