Case Study – Linda

“Linda”, a 39-year-old woman residing in Kibera slums, Nairobi, Kenya was recently diagnosed with a debilitating eye condition. She was born and raised in Kibera slums; a mother of four children ranging from the ages of 16 years old to six years old. They all live in a corrugated tin sheet shack measuring 10 feet by 10ft in the heart of Kibera with no sewage, running water, poor sanitation to mention but a few. Until her diagnosis, she was leading a relatively normal life with good eyesight and was the sole provider for her family. However, her world took a drastic turn when her eyesight began deteriorating to sudden blindness rendering her unable to work and finally lost her business!

Prior to her diagnosis, Linda was the main breadwinner for her family. She used to run a personal business selling second-hand clothes and offering embroidery services. Her dedication and hard work were essential in sustaining her household. All these went down when she lost her eyesight. To add insult to injury, her husband took off, leaving Linda solely responsible for her four children daily needs despite her visual impairment. The family have of late been fully depending on well-wishers for their daily needs which is quite unpredictable.

My desire is that I may get my sight again!! To get qualified medication, surgery and able to see again…That I may resume back to my business of selling second hand clothes that I used to do before I lost my sight” She said “It is very difficult to provide for the children the basic needs in this my current state with no one to turn to and no income at all. The children need to go to school, get food and other family needs. This is my biggest and humble appeal to all the well -wishers to come to my rescue”. She said amidst tears rolling down her cheeks.

Upon diagnosis, Linda consulted with healthcare professionals at Mbagathi Hospital in the hope of finding a solution. However, the doctor informed her that her high eye pressure made it challenging to perform surgical procedures, making her situation even more complex. But, there is hope for another chance in the midst of these storms, we believe strongly that stars shine brightest in the darkest nights. Linda’s case is doable. An appeal is hereby put to mitigate the complex challenges facing Linda and her dependents. First is the medical support, emotional, financial and mental support. IDAK is committed to this course. Please join us in this journey by making Linda dreams of seeing again become a reality and to enable her get on her feet wholly. Thank you!