Case Study – Kyla

In 2023, Kyla performed exceptionally well in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams, scoring a total of 375 marks out of 500. This stellar performance secured her a vacancy at St. Francis Rang’ala Girls Secondary School. However, the financial strain on the family threatened to derail her educational aspirations.

In the face of scarcity, IDAK gave a glimmer of light to a young dream which was being broken for Kyla. The organization, known for building bridges and transforming shattered dreams into tangible opportunities, stepped in to support her education. This intervention has not only kindled the flame of her dreams, but has also provided her with a chance to overcome the financial barriers hindering her academic pursuits.

Kyla represents the aspirations and dreams of countless individuals in underserved communities. Kyla’s dream is to become a medical practitioner, driven by her desire to provide free medical services to the less fortunate in her community. Her inspiration stems from the challenges her family faces, especially her father’s health condition (physically challenged). She envisions a future where her medical expertise contributes to alleviating the health-related struggles of those in need.

Beyond academics, Kyla possesses a diverse set of talents. Her leadership roles, both in school and within the community, showcase her ability to inspire and make a positive impact. As a tennis player, she not only excels in sports but also promotes the importance of physical activity for overall well-being. Her singing talent adds another dimension to her personality, reflecting her artistic side.

In expressing heartfelt gratitude, Kyla’s mother, overwhelmed with emotion, shared her appreciation for the support extended by IDAK.

We were at the point of despair, uncertain of how we would afford the school fees and sustain Kyla’s education. But then IDAK stepped in like a guardian angel,” she recounted amidst sobs and tears of joy rolling down her cheeks.

The IDAK scholarship has not only eased the financial burden on our family but has also reignited the hope that was fading away. We are immensely thankful for the opportunity given to Kyla, a chance that we, as parents, could not provide on our own.” She added while receiving the school fees for Kyla, overwhelmed with joy.